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35 tales in one book! Why squander your precious reading time and hard-earned money — $2.99! — on two or three novels about a handful of characters when you can meet the assorted and sordid stars of a slew of tales about all kinds of quirky situations?

Your nannybot was only trying to answer your questions about life when - whack! - your stuffy parentals sent her packing.  All you wanted to know were things like what if Jesus meets a real knockout, and - OMG! - she's a Christian? Or what if the greatest sex ever isn't good enough for your boyfriend? Or will we even bother with "real" sex again when mindsex in the global neurosphere becomes "more real than real"? Or what's the perfect high-tech way to deal with a cheating asshole? Or what if you have to babysit a Russian hit man, and he's freaking wild-eyed crazy? You know, all the essential kinda stuff.

Despite her looks, this nannybot isn't all sci-fi. Psycho stuff, the cornucopia of human obsessions and phobias and delusions, is what really interests a human-curious nannybot. It's kinky sex, revenge fantasies, table turning, feminism, gender justice, and other male/female issues that make her neurotronic circuits sizzle. And when it comes to religion, there's a subject any inquisitive nannybot with a sense of humor finds literally fascinating beyond belief.


Some Reading Suggestions

"Wang's App for Blue Balls" is a classic sci-fi psycholgical tale that can be seen as either utopian or dystopian depending, perhaps, on your genderview.

"Old Souls" is a sci-fi novella about billionaires who want to live forever — and at any price.

"Last Try" is a hopeful (depending on your worldiew) end-of-the-world story.

"Convenient Neighbors" stretches psychosexual relationship boundaries to the limits.

"The Philosopher" and "Colonel Pusi and Miss Perfect" for some gritty male noir slumming.

"Wife and Heir" ia a satisfying political tale in which a closeted Republican senator's young Latina trophy wife comes out on top.

"The Equalizer" and "My Feminine Ideal" and "Gentleman's Doll" and "Say What?" and "The Pickup" and "The Cocktail Waitress" for some satisfying gender turnabout.

"Weight Loss Wizard" might be a heady treat if your weight management guru isn't exactly the epitome of understanding.

In "Broken Wings" the way a couple of ditzy college girls get out of a deadly serious scrape down South is literally the stuff of legend.

"Final Exam" might spice up your next visit to the doctor's office.

"Miracle Mom" and "The Answer" and "Reciprocity" and "Ethics Class" and "Tommy's Turn" and "Ten Million" and "Who Killed Tippy?" and "Last Try" should help if you have the pricklies about religion. 

"BudBin Dream Girl" or "Pet Peeve" or "The Blind Mammographer" could take you even deeper if you're feeling dark and moody.

"Broken Wings," "Old Souls," "Wife and Heir," " Wang's App for Blue Balls" are the best feature-length movie adaptation candidates. 



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Last Try   The Season    Just Call    Show Time    The Blind Mammographer   The Equalizer

My Feminine Ideal   Gentleman's Doll   Preggers   Pet Peeve   The Pickup   Who Killed Tippy?

Wang's App for Blue Balls    Miracle Mom   Colonel Pusi and Miss Perfect    Wife and Heir


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